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About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to WarHorseMovie.com. My name is Jack and I am the founder and creator of this website. I am an outdoor enthusiast, animal lover and a fitness geek. I love doing physical activities and staying healthy through the natural means and activities, just like War Horses used to!

I created this website to share the passion for what I do and spread the knowledge of what I have learned to all the visitors. On War Horse, you will find me talking about various things including but not limited to nature, useful equipment & tools, maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle through various means and so much more.

If you can connect with what I’m saying, then this is a website you should probably set in your bookmarks. I guarantee you that the information provided on this blog will be top notch and highly accurate and informative.

Over the years, I have always enjoyed and loved connecting with new people that shares the same passion as mine. And I would love to connect with you too. So don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I love reading emails and answering all while I can.

At last, I hope that you will find War Horse informative and share it with your friends and family.